February 11, 2017 Saturday in the 5th Week in Ordinary Time-A

Genesis 3:9-24

Psalm 90

Mark 8:1-10

“I heard you in the garden; but I was afraid…”  Genesis 3:10

Lord, Adam’s first reaction after his disobedience was to hide from God and cower in fear.  He tried to hide because of his shame and guilt.  I can identify with Adam.  Fear of punishment can make me try to hide too.  Since my young days, Lord, I’ve tried to cover up my sins, make excuses for them or blame somebody else.  I guess that’s all part of our fallen human nature.  God could have pushed the delete key on Adam and Eve and started over but he didn’t.  Instead he promised a redeemer.  At this moment at the dawn of human history, a plan was made for you to be born of a woman so you could bring salvation to our fallen race.  Divine love is as strong now as it was those thousands of years ago.  Out of love you gave us the holy Sacraments of our Church to ensure that at every stage of life we can encounter you through these “doors to the sacred”.  These inexhaustible sources of life and grace can relieve us of fear.  We can come out of hiding and humbly receive the mercy you won for us on the cross.  Lord, I trust in you.  Amen.