December 31, 2018 Monday The 7th day in the Octave of Christmas*C

1 John 2:18-21

Psalm 96

John 1:1-18

What came to be through him was life.  John 1:4

Lord, I turn my calendar over tonight to a new year.  You gave me this year of life and tomorrow I’ll begin a new one.  I thank you Lord for walking with me the past 12 months.  I ask for your forgiveness for the times I have sinned and chosen my way over your way.  You have stood by me in sickness and health, in success and failure, in doubt and in truth.  I am most grateful for the grace you have given me to be your disciple.  I pray my relationship with you is good and will become closer in the year to come.  Making resolutions in the New Year is a popular thing for many.  Most probably never last more than a few weeks.  But I want to place in your hands the coming year and whatever it will bring.  May I use the time you give me to do your will.  Help me to be faithful to you and your plan for me.  Show me how I can best serve you in my family, church, and community.  As I continue to celebrate Christmas open my eyes to see your glory this coming year.  Amen.