Jeramiah 23:5-8

Psalm 72

Matthew 1:18-25

…Emmanuel, which means “God is with us.”  Mt 1:23

Lord, the days the prophets spoke of were now here.  You were present in your mother’s womb and in the world.  Mary had chosen a good and righteous man, Joseph, as her husband.  Yet this news of her pregnancy was of great concern to him.  His initial decision was to end his engagement to her but to do it in a way that would not bring shame to her.  But you were now present in this family.  Joseph was open to a change of plans, a willingness to accept God’s will for himself, Mary and you.  The angel’s message in Joseph’s dream was one of encouragement.  Joseph let go of any fear he may have had and embraced the divine plan despite perhaps not understanding all that it would mean.    The grace of courage and humility led Joseph to an awareness of your presence in his heart and in his wife.  Lord, help me today to be aware of your presence in my decisions.  Do not let fear paralyze me in old ways nor uncertainty make me hesitate to accept your way as better than mine.  Welcome, Emmanuel, into my life.   Amen.