December 15, 2018 Saturday of the 2nd week of Advent-C

Sirach 48:1-4, 9-11

Psalm 80

Matthew 17:9-13

“So also will the Son of Man suffer at their hands.”  Mt. 17:12

Lord, here we are so close to the celebration of your wondrous birth.  Your word today reminds us why you came among us.  Seems like an odd time to bring up your passion and death.  You pointed out to your disciples how John the Baptist was not recognized as a prophet and was brutally murdered just like you will be.  This brings to mind that you were the only man born to die.  Your cross is never far from your crib.  As I journey through this waiting season of Advent, Lord, continue to teach me about your commitment to all mankind and to me.  Show me how you came in poverty and peace to free us from the sin which ultimately crucified you.  It is because of my weakness and poor choices that you gave yourself completely to make things right between me and my Father.  Purify me, dear Jesus, of any fears and set your light in the darkest corners of my soul.  As I embrace you in the manger, may I also embrace your feet on the cross.  Emmanuel, thank you for coming among us and setting us free of death.  Amen.