December 12, 2018 OUR LADY OF GUADALUPE

Zechariah 2:14-17

Psalm Judith 13:18-19

Luke 1:26-38

Mary said to the angel, “How can this be…?” Lk. 1:34

Lord, your angel Gabriel revealed few details of the divine plan for your birth to Mary.  So Mary had a question.  The reply contained assurance that God had everything under control and that the incarnation would be accomplished by the power of the Holy Spirit.  Lord, I have questions too.  I don’t understand the power of evil in our world.  I don’t understand why good people suffer so much; why babies die; why so many people reject you.  I have questions about your personal plan for me and how I will be judged.  I want to do your will, dear Lord, but sometimes the path can be hard to find and follow.   Please help me to please you.  Your mother Mary inspired the growth of faith in the Americas with her appearance and words to the humble peasant Juan Diego.  In the end, Mary, accepted the angel’s answer and, despite her limited understanding, said yes to be your mother.  She said yes, in faith, to all that would come.  Help me to have her faith so I can give you my heart and let your will be done even if questions remain in my mind.  Amen.