April 9, 2019 Tuesday of the 5th Week of Lent-C

Numbers 21:4-9

Psalm 102

John 8:21-30

“…I AM…” John 8:24

Lord, two simple words say everything about you.  The people who heard you speak these two words knew where they came from and what you were telling them.  Their belief in you did not follow for many of them.  Many couldn’t place their faith in you as coming from the Father who they thought they knew.  You are one with the great I AM of Mount Sinai; the I AM who created the universe; the I AM who breathed life into Adam; the I AM who freed a people from slavery so they could be prepared to meet you.  The Father sent you to bring his wayward children back to him.  You did that by allowing yourself to be lifted up on a wooden cross giving everything in obedience to I AM.  Lord, I believe you are from the Father and that with the Holy Spirit you are present in our world today.  You are constantly in the NOW.  Like the Father you are the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.  Jesus I lift up to you my family and all those near and dear to me that you will one day bring them all home to you and the Great I AM.  Amen