April 5, 2018 Thursday of Easter Week-B

Acts of the Apostles 3:11-26

Psalm 8

Luke 24:35-48

“…God raised him from the dead; of this we are witnesses.  Acts 3:15

“You are witnesses of these things.”  Lk. 24:48

Lord, is this the same Peter who denied knowing you before your death?  This man, filled with confidence and courage, is preaching your resurrection to those responsible for your death.  Right in front of everyone he used the power of your name to heal a man crippled from birth.  What a transformation the Spirit performed in him.  He proudly claimed to be a witness for you.  Lord, I’ve received that same Spirit as Peter.  I am given the mission to proclaim your resurrection and to heal in your name.  I am probably not going to do it as dramatically as Peter but that doesn’t lessen the importance of my witness to you.  Lord, you have done so much in me and I need to live as if I have been saved.  That means that in my ordinary activities of my day I witness to your love and your power to heal.  In my family, workplace, neighborhood and community I am your witness.  I pray I never deny you or shrink from the opportunities you give me to be your instrument in restoring relationships, showing kindness to someone in distress, or picking up one who has fallen.  Here is am, Lord; use me.  Amen.