April 4, 2019 Thursday of the 4th Week of Lent-C ST. ISADORE, BISHOP, DOCTOR.

Exodus 32:7-14

Psalm 106

John 5:31-47

“… making for themselves a molten calf and worshiping it… Ex. 32:8

“But you have never heard his voice nor seen his form…”  John 5:37

Lord, both our readings today speak of the frustration and dismay God has over his wayward children.  Your Father told Moses that he was done with the prideful and stiff-necked people he saved from slavery because they insisted on turning to idol worship time and time again.  They abandoned the God who loved them and saved them.  In the gospel you are frustrated with the religious authorities of your time because despite their great learning they couldn’t see God’s presence right before their eyes.   Even the great signs you performed, like healing the sick and raising the dead, had no impact on them.  Their golden calf was their stubborn insistence that they had the way to God.  Lord, I know I have made golden calves in my life.  And I know I can be stubborn about my choices and priorities.  And I know I can miss seeing your presence in my busyness and my other distractions.  My prayer today is that I can honor and adore only you and turn away from idols that are not of you.    I want to hear your voice and see your presence at all times.   Amen.