April 30, 2018 Monday of the 5th Week of Easter B

Acts of the Apostles 14:5-18

Psalm 115

John 14:21-26

Not to us, O Lord, not to us but to your name give glory… Psalm 115:1

Lord, it is natural for us to be pleased when we are complimented for doing something others admire.  We lavish praise on athletes, movie stars, famous and not-so-famous people for their accomplishments.  I know the good feeling of being given credit for my success.  But when we look closer we realize that everything good comes from you.  Without you no sports star could compete, no singers could sing, no heroes could save lives.  It all comes back to the way we are created, the gifts we have been blessed with and the opportunities you arrange for us in life.  Lord, I believe you are so close to me that you are intimately involved in every part of my life.  I give you thanks for whatever I have done.  I couldn’t get out of bed in the morning without you willing it.  Every breath I take, every beat of my heart comes from you.  I praise you for your goodness to me and for helping me use the talents and gifts you have blessed me with for your glory.   Amen