April 30, 2017 3rd SUNDAY OF EASTER-A

Acts 2:14, 22-33

Psalm 16

1 Peter 1:17-21

Luke 24:13-35

With that their eyes were opened and they recognized him…  Luke 24:31

Lord, when you joined up with your two friends on the road to Emmaus they did not know who you were at first.  Was you appearance different?  Where they blinded by their grief and sorrow over your death?  Were their hearts closed to the reality of resurrection?  As you walked with them you gradually revealed yourself to them.  It took the sacred action of breaking of the bread for them to recognize you.  Lord, I am walking the road to my destination like you disciples.  When I meet you today, will I recognize you?  How do you wish to reveal yourself to me?  Will you be the family member who is troubled, the homeless man asking for help, the lonely widow or the unruly teenager?  I could meet you in the surprising or the familiar.  I pray, Lord, for your Holy Spirit to open my heart and give me the eyes of faith to see you and experience you on the road today.  Amen.