Acts 5:34-42

Psalm 27

John 6:1-15

“…but what good are these for so many?”  John 6:9

Lord, Phillip was practical: he sized up the enormity of the problem of feeding all those people.  Andrew recognized their resources fell far short of the need.  The little boy who brought his lunch to you showed them both up.  When he packed his basket that morning he probably had no idea how it would be used.  Today, Lord, I go out the door with my gifts and have no idea how you will use them.  This story tells me that no gift is too small when put in your hands.  It also tells me my plans are not always your plans.  I know you have a purpose in mind for each of the gifts of time, talent and treasure which you’ve placed in my care.  Some I’ve developed and used wisely, some not so much.  Dear Jesus, I offer you what I have and trust in your power that it will be adequate.  You may ask for my gift of listening today for someone who is lonely.  You may ask to use my time for a purpose not on my daily planner.  You may offer me an opportunity to use my suffering to bless someone with a sign of faith.  The possibilities are endless, as is your power to feed all mankind.  Amen.