April 27, 2017 Thursday of the Second Week of Easter-A

Acts 5:27-33

Psalm 34

John 3:31-36

…God is trust worthy… John 3:33

Lord, each day we make choices as to who and what we trust.  How much trust can we have in government, the church, our employer and co-workers, family and friends?  Human beings and human institutions can betray our trust and let us down.  We’ve all been disappointed in someone or something in which we put our trust.  You word says that God is trustworthy.  It also says that eternal life awaits those of us who believe and trust in God.  Lord, you trusted in God when you became one of us and accepted the cross confident the resurrection would follow.  You trusted God’s way was the very best way.  Lord, help me to trust more.  God is not stingy with his spirit or his love or his mercy.  He has a marvelous and awesome plan for me.  Each day I will rely on the guidance and strength of the Spirit and your grace as I live the adventure of a lifetime.  Amen