April 24, 2018 Tuesday of the 4th week of Easter B

Acts of the Apostles 11:19-26

Psalm 87

John 10:22-30

“My sheep hear my voice…”  John 10:27

Lord, if the sheep don’t listen to the shepherd’s calls they can become lost and will wander unprotected in the wilderness.  Without your word to guide me I will become separated from you and that means I could be lost as well.  I remember the words of young Samuel which are: “speak Lord, your servant is listening.”   I can get that backwards: “listen Lord, your servant is speaking.”  Help me today to find a quiet moment away from the TV and internet to just be with you and allow you to do the talking.  Maybe you want to comfort me over a difficult problem I or a family member is having.  Maybe you want to help me with a big decision that is coming for me.  Maybe you want to guide me to someone who is lonely and in need of some kind words of peace.  Maybe you just want to tell me how much you love me and that I shouldn’t worry about anything.  Whatever your message today, dear Jesus, I want to hear your voice.  Lord, I am yours, speak for I am listening.  Amen.