April 22, 2018 4th Sunday of Easter B

Acts of the Apostles 4:8-12

Psalm 118

1 John 3:1-2

John 10:11-18

There is no salvation through anyone else… Acts 4:11

“…I will lay down my life for my sheep.”  John 10:15

Lord, we are the sheep of your flock.  You are the only one who cares enough for us to protect us, to feed us and to save us.  The love between the Father and you is reflected in the love you have for us, his children.  Sheep can’t make it on their own in the wilderness.  They need a good shepherd or they will perish.  The sheep do nothing to earn the guidance and the safety the shepherd provides.  He cares for them because they need a shepherd.  Lord Jesus, I too need you.  I too am lost without your word to direct my life.  I would go hungry without your body and blood to feed my spirit.  Thank you, Lord, for giving your life for me on the cross.  The salvation you offer only comes from you.   I confess to being weak and totally reliant on your grace.  Lead me to the pastures of eternal life where I may dwell with you forever.  Refresh me with the stream of living water you provide.  I trust you will never abandon me.  Amen