Acts 4:13-21

Psalm 118

Mark 16:9-15

When they heard that he was alive and had been seen by her, they did not believe.  Mark 16:11

Lord, we have a saying when we hear of something extraordinarily good and wonderful that it is “too good to be true”.  I guess we are just naturally skeptical when we hear of miracles that defy the norm: like rising from the dead!  The same is true today when you intervene in our lives in great and small ways.  Either we take credit for it or we just chalk it up as a coincidence.  Lord, your disciples did finally come around to faith and became unstoppable witnesses for you.  Lord Jesus, today help me to believe you are present in every moment. You continue to create, restore, heal and forgive.  You are revealing yourself in every person I meet.  Your grace is available to me in every challenge, every sadness and every joy.  Let the extraordinary, like bread and wine becoming your body and blood, be proclaimed from the rooftops.  Lord, may I believe that nothing that comes from your hand is “too good to be true”.  Amen.