Acts 4:1-12

Psalm 118

John 21:1-14

Simon Peter said to them, “I am going fishing”.  John 21:3

Lord, the empty tomb, the breathless words of Mary Magdalene, even your sudden appearance to them in the upper room were not yet enough for Peter.  He had not fully emptied himself of fear, confusion or doubt.  As a result he went back to what he knew he could rely on.  He sought security and peace in his former life-catching fish. Even that skill let him down because that night he caught nothing.  But when you, the light of the world came at dawn, he made a huge catch of fish.  Just goes to show that without you we can do nothing, even the things we think we’re good at.  This story tells me, Lord, that looking for peace and security in anything other than you is an empty endeavor.  It also tells me that without your Holy Spirit I can’t give myself completely to you.  There’s nothing wrong in fishing but if you aren’t with me I[‘m wasting my time.  Lord, I invite your Spirit to fully transform my heart to leave behind whatever keeps me from growing in faith.  Jesus, I place my trust and my day today in your hands for without you I won’t even get a nibble.  Amen