Isaiah 50:4-9

Psalm 69

Matthew 26:14-25

“Surely it is not I, Lord?”  Mt. 26:22

Lord, the events of your passion and death begin with betrayal by one close to you.  How easy, it seems, that Judas could hand you over to your enemies for money.  Maybe it wasn’t money that moved him.  Whatever it was, it had to hurt you most deeply.  Of course, you suffered and died not just because of Judas but because of the sins of all humanity.  My sins are among those that you carried to your cross.  So I too bear responsibility for the scourging, humiliation, spitting, curses and the burden of the cross.  Lord, I am deeply sorry for what you endured for me.  I sinned against you out of pride and selfishness but you saved me out of love.  Over the next few days I will place my brokenness at the foot of your cross knowing that you will heal and restore me to holiness.  I pray for the grace to walk with you and to never betray or deny you ever again.  May I be loyal and faithful to you at all times and places.  I give you my life, dear Jesus.  Keep me close to you always.  Amen