Acts 10:34, 37-43

Psalm 118

Col 3:1-4

John 20:1-9

Then the other disciple also went in…and he saw and believed.  John 20:8

Lord, Mary ran when she saw that the stone was removed from your tomb.  She told your disciples that your body had been stolen.  Peter and the Beloved Disciple ran to the tomb to see for themselves.  We aren’t told what Peter’s reaction was when he saw your grave was empty.  We are told that the other disciple “saw and believed” in you.  Lord, you constantly urge us to believe in you.  You understand that rising from death is a big challenge of faith for many.  While the awesome truth of your resurrection is a big deal, how about mine?  I believe I too will rise like you did.  The stone will be removed from my tomb too.  This great day of joy can increase our faith that death doesn’t have the final word.  You are the Lord of life and you want nothing more than to give that life to all.  This is a great day not just because of what happened so long ago but because of what is happening now.  My parents, friends and one day, I will burst forth from the grave to be with you forever.  That’s worth one loud and clear ALLELULIA.  Amen.