April 15, 2019 MONDAY OF HOLY WEEK-C

Isaiah 42:1-7

Psalm 27

John 12:1-11

The Lord is my light and my salvation…  Ps. 27:1

Lord, what a contrast we have today in your two disciples, Mary and Judas.  Mary offers you the most valuable thing she has.  Besides the costly oil, she offers her love and complete devotion.  With courage she soothes your tired and bruised feet in response to the great gift of life you gave her brother, Lazarus.  On the other hand, Judas could only think of himself and a missed opportunity for profit.  Lord, this week we remember your complete giving of yourself on the cross for our selfishness and all our other sins.  While the anointing with oil was an extravagant act of love and devotion, what you took on to save us and give us life is too great to describe.  I thank you, Lord, for the salvation you won for me.  May I respond in faith to do something outrageous to join with Mary in honoring you.  May I be present to you all this week as your church prays and adores you for being our “light and our salvation”.  You are a God of extravagance and abundance and more than enough.  May my prayers be like perfumed oil on your feet in praise and love.  Amen.