April 14, 2018 Saturday of the 2nd Week of Easter-B
Acts of the Apostles 6:1-7
Psalm 33
John 6:16-21

Brothers, select from among you seven reputable men, filled with the Spirit and wisdom… Acts 6:3

Lord, the widows of the Greek immigrants in Jerusalem had fallen through the cracks of the small social network of the early Church and were hungry. Probably nobody meant any disrespect but it sometimes happens that the needs of some people or groups are overlooked. Your Spirit inspired a wonderful plan and so we have the origins of the order of deacon. These seven men took on the task of serving the needs of those who were hungry allowing the Apostles to dedicate themselves to service of the word and to prayer. The work of the deacon today is to serve at the altar and sacrament, serve the word of God by evangelizing and to serve the social justice needs of the people of God. Through the laying on of the hands and the prayers of the bishop, your deacons minister to you in workplaces, jails, slums, baptism classes, food pantries, government and so many other places. May the anointing of the sacred chrism strengthen them to “believe what they read, teach what they believe and practice what they teach.” Amen.