April 12, 2018 Thursday of the 2nd Week of Easter-B
Acts of the Apostles 5:27-33
Psalm 34
John 3:31-36

“I will bless the Lord at all times… Ps 34:2

Lord, when I receive really good news I can’t wait to share it with someone. I get excited and energized when I tell a friend about a good doctor visit, birth of a grandchild, or a new career opportunity. I can’t wait to report a special blessing. That’s what Peter and the others were doing in Jerusalem when they couldn’t stop proclaiming you had risen from the dead. Despite being arrested by the police and getting death threats from the authorities they continued passing on the good news to the people. Lord, I want the same excitement about your good news in my life. Make me aware of the abundant blessings and goodness that you pour into me every day. I am so blessed to have been forgiven for all my mistakes. I have received the graces of the sacraments of your church. You do not “ration” your Holy Spirit but give beyond what I need. Help me never to take for granted how you have showered me with everything I’ll ever require to be a witness to your love. May I today not hesitate to share your good news with someone. Amen.