April 12, 2017 Wednesday of Holy Week-A

Isaiah 50:4-9

Psalm 69

Matthew 26:14-25

The Lord God is my help.  Isaiah 50:7

“My appointed time draws near…”  Matthew 26:18

Lord, your time is near.  All will soon be complete.  Did you reflect back on your time on earth as complete dedication to the Father’s will?  You came through many dangers, experienced the praise and hatred of those you came to free from slavery.  You healed, taught and forgave.  You showed us the face of God.  Now the final chapter is about to unfold.  Did you think of these words from the prophet that promised help and strength during the suffering that you will soon undergo?  How much heartbreak you must have felt as one of your own would soon betray you for money.  Lord, I too can go forward with hope and confidence that whatever happens to me today, God is near to help me.  As the Father strengthened you in your arrest, torture and death, so He will strengthen me.  I know not how my life will serve his plan today but I am ready.  Grace is more powerful than evil.  I walk bravely onward convinced that the resurrection lies beyond the cross.  Amen.