April 11, 2018 Wednesday of the 2nd Week of Easter-B ST STANISLAUS, BISHOP, MARTYR

Acts of the Apostles 5:17-26

Psalm 34

John 3:16-21

I will bless the Lord at all times… Ps 34:2

“The men whom you put in prison are in the temple area and are teaching the people.”  Acts 5:25

Lord, we hear today why belief in you has persisted for over two-thousand years.  Faithful disciples of you did not crumble under the weight of authority.  There have always been courageous people resisting the forces of darkness to proclaim the light of truth.  Every generation has been challenged in some way by the evil one.  Today ISIS persecutes Christians in the Middle East with death.  The pressures of social conformity attempt to lead young people away from you.  Even our laws in America permit aborting children for convenience.    We who believe you came to lead us to eternal life are so blessed to have the Holy Spirit to give us the courage to say “No” to the temptations of the world.  Lord, help the Church stay faithful to you and continue to proclaim the truth about the dignity of innocent life, the truth about marriage between a man and a woman and the truth about justice for the poor and immigrant.  Dear Jesus, the world doesn’t want to hear that it is on the path to destruction.  Give me the confidence to live my faith despite opposition and hostility.  Amen Alleluia.