April 11, 2017 Tuesday of Holy Week-A

Isaiah 49:1-6

Psalm 71

John 13:21-33, 36-38

“…one of you will betray me.”  John 13:21

“Lord, how could any of us betray you?  No way could I do something like that to you.  I gave up everything to follow you.  I’ve seen the miracles you perform, heard the teaching and watched as you loved the poor and helpless.  And now as it seems you will be our King I am hopeful for my future with you.  We all look at each other and try to guess which one it will be.”  In my honest moments, Lord, I know in my heart that I am capable of denying you.  I’m weak and prone to choose my ways over your ways.  Excuses come easy when I just look out for number one.  Lord, thank you for your great gift of faith.  Thank you for how you’ve formed me on this Lenten journey.  I’m sorry for how I’ve betrayed and failed you.  Be my strength to keep my eyes on you.  Feed me with your body and blood as you did your disciples.  Wash my feet and my heart of anything that betrays my love of you.  Amen.