November 26, 2021 Friday of the 34th Week in Ordinary Time-B

Daniel 7:2-14

Psalm Daniel 3:75-81

Luke 21:29-33

…there came one like a son of man…to him was given dominion… Dan. 7:13-14

…Know that the Kingdom of God is near.” Lk. 21:31

Lord, our families have gone home; the leftovers put away; and the dishes washed. A day of thanksgiving has given way to maybe the most hectic and crazy day of the year. For many Black Friday is a frantic pursuit of deals on merchandise on sale. Our readings try to pull our attention a bit from shopping to what is really important. Daniel has a vision of an eternal kingdom that will replace all other kingdoms. Your parable of the buds on the fig tree signal to us what is coming. So too do your words give assurance that your kingdom will prevail. When all our Black Friday treasures have turned to dust your kingdom will still be with us. Lord, I truly want to live according to your will and your plan for me. Help me to order my priorities toward eternity today and in the Advent season to come. Thank you for inviting me into your kingdom. May I be a worthy citizen of that kingdom for all eternity. I believe you are with me and have authority over all things. May I never take my eyes off you.  Amen.