August 19, 2021 Thursday of the 20th Week in Ordinary Time-B

Judges 11:29-39

Psalm 40

Matthew 22:1-14

Burnt offerings or sin-offerings you wished not… Ps. 40:7

“…everything is ready, come to the feast.”  Mt. 22:4

Lord, how could a father sacrifice his own daughter? There is no redeeming virtue in what Jephthah did. You used him to deliver Israel from their enemies but he disobeyed your commandment not to offer child sacrifice. Lord, you do not desire any sacrifice except that of a contrite heart. Jephthah would have done much better had he heeded the words of today’s Psalm when making vows to God. Lord, help me to accept your invitation to the banquet you prepare for me.  Keep me close to you and never let me lose sight of my place in your kingdom. May I be part of your generosity, your deliverance and your goodness. My “yes” to you may be costly but I trust in my King to transform my heart and mind.  I am grateful for the invitation to your glorious banquet.  Because of my sins I am not deserving of what you have prepared for me. But you provide me with a white garment of forgiveness so I can enter the banquet with all the saints. Make me worthy to live in your kingdom.  Amen.