August 18, 2021 Wednesday of the 20th Week in Ordinary Time-B

Judges 9:6-15

Psalm 21

Matthew 20:1-16

 “Are you envious because I am generous?”  Mt. 20:15

Lord, I can see the all-day workers filing a grievance with the grape-pickers union over their treatment. They may even take him to court. This wonderful parable teaches us that your ways are not our ways. We know they were angry but I wonder how the one hour workers felt when they received a full day’s pay. They must have been surprised and very happy because they had enough to go home and feed their family. Thank you, dear Jesus, for showing us our Father’s mercy and how we are to treat each other. May I never be ungrateful or question how you desire to bless me. You know best and only want that for me. My sense of fairness or justice can be in conflict with yours. Help me to avoid the envy trap as I see the gifts others have. Thank you for not giving me only what I have earned or deserved. You forgive my sins and cover me with your grace so that I can live the abundant life you came to give me. I hope to become as generous as you are.  Lord, I trust in your ways.  Amen.