August 16, 2021 Monday of the 20th Week in Ordinary Time-B

Judges 2:11-19

Psalm 106

Matthew 19:16-22

They were quick to stray from the way their fathers had taken, and did not follow…the commandments of the Lord. Judges 2:17

“If you wish to enter into life, keep the commandments.” Mt. 19:17

Lord, you invited the rich young man to follow the commandments and build relationships with those around him. Then you told him to follow after you. He struggled with your answer because he had put his trust in his wealth and not in you. His riches were an obstacle to his salvation. We don’t know what happened after this encounter but we can hope he reflected on your answer and put his trust in you and became a disciple. I often turn to my wealth to ensure my security. Help me, Lord, to turn to you in all my needs. Show me what is preventing me from strengthening my relationship with my family and neighbors. Give me the courage to turn from worshiping any false, or worldly gods. Lord, please be patient with me and forgive me from any idolatry that I have in my life. Your advice to this young man is the same for me. I pray for the grace to be your disciple and to always put your first in my life. Obedience is important but is just the starting point for a rich and holy relationship with you. Amen.