March 11, 2024, Monday of the 4th Week in Lent-B

Isaiah 65:17-21

Psalm 30

John 4:43-54

There shall always be rejoicing and happiness in what I create; Isaiah 65:18

“Go; your son will live.”  The man believed…and left.  John 4:50

Lord, we say, “I’ll believe it when I see it.”  We want to see the result before we believe.  But you healed the sick and raised the dead in response to faith.  The royal official believed your word could heal his son even at a distance.  You taught us that people who choose to believe in your power will experience new life.  When we entrust our worries and anxiety about the future to you, we too experience a change in our attitudes.  We can believe that there are better days ahead.  We can be confident you will sustain us in suffering, heal our grief and restore damaged relationships.  Faith in your goodness and infinite love for me gives me hope that I can rejoice, be happy and give you thanks without seeing the end result.  I am not a passive spectator but an active believer that with you all things are possible.  Lord, thank you for your constant care and protection.  May my faith in you remain strong always.  Amen.