Judges 13:2-7, 24-25

Psalm 71

Luke 1:5-25

 “But you will be speechless … until the day these things take place…”  Lk 1:20

Lord, the priest Zechariah had to be amazed about all that took place that day in the temple.   After an angelic appearance, a promise of his wife’s pregnancy after all these years, and then when he questions how this all will happen, he is unable to speak. Maybe his faith wasn’t where it needed to be in order to fulfill his role as the father of your messenger, John the Baptist.   Perhaps he needed silence to grow in his understanding of God’s will.  Being made speechless was likely the best way for him to accept and believe in what God was doing in his life. For nine months his life was radically changed as he, in silence, opened his heart to grace. Lord, what seems a hardship or even punishment often is a gift from you. You know best what is good for me. Help me to be open to whatever ways you wish to form me so I can bear the fruit you have chosen me to bear.  With your grace I will grow in trust and confidence in you even if I must do it in silence.  Amen.