December 6, 2023, Wednesday of the 1st Week of Advent-B

Isaiah 25:6-10

Psalm 23

Matthew 15:29-37

…my cup overflows.  Psalm 23:5

They picked up the fragments left over—seven baskets full.  Mt. 15:37

Lord, In the feeding of the thousands of people with only seven loaves of bread and a few fish, you satisfied their hunger. After healing the sick, you taught them about the kingdom which you brought to the world. They were amazed that you did so much with so little. But did you make a mistake and provide more food than was needed? Where they not as hungry as you expected? Why the leftovers? Sometimes I think I don’t have enough strength, wisdom, energy, resources, and talents to live as your disciple in this world. You have abundantly blessed me with every grace needed to resist temptation, to invest my talents and to bear fruit for your kingdom. Lord, the left-over loaves show me that you know best and always provide more than I need to just get by. My cup indeed overflows with the abundant life you have given me.  Multiply my humble offerings of bread and fish so I can bear fruit in your mighty kingdom.  May I remember those who are hungry in my town today and do what I can to feed them.  Amen.