November 18, 2023, Saturday of the 32nd Week in Ordinary Time-A

Wisdom 18:14-16; 19:6-9

Psalm 105

Luke 18:1-8

…pray always without becoming weary.  Lk. 18:1

Lord, the widow in your parable had a lot of gumption. We don’t know what her complaint was, but we do know she never gave up.  Her persistence is the point of the story. I have prayed to you for years for a family member to come back to faith in you. So far, he has not found his way home. I haven’t given up hope and I know you hear my pleas. I gotta believe that you want him to come to you as well. Are you waiting for me to take a more active role in his faith journey? Are you looking for my will to come more in line with yours? Is my faith in need of growth or do I need to step out in courage? Whatever is on your mind, Lord, I trust you know what you are doing. I look for and expect good things to come into his life and my own.  Neither of us knows the mysteries of how you are working in our lives each day. Give me good Lord, the grace to work for the things I pray for. Thank you for however, and whenever, you answer my prayers.  Amen.