November 11, 2023, Saturday of the 31st Week in Ordinary Time-A ST. MARTIN OF TOURS, BISHOP

Romans 13:3-9, 16, 22-27

Psalm 145

Luke 16:9-15

“No servant can serve two masters.” Lk 16:13

Lord, you looked into the hearts of the people around you and noticed how many of them were obsessed with money and possessions. You encouraged them to be trustworthy and accountable with both earthly wealth and heavenly wealth. Lord, the reality is that I have one foot on earth and one in heaven. I live in this world during the time you have set out for me, but I anticipate the life I’ll have in the next. You teach me to seek a balance in both. Help me, Jesus, to set my priorities in line with your most holy will. Grant me the spiritual wisdom to make good decisions in the use of the blessings of now and the opportunities of the future.  Today I will keep in mind that all the good in my life comes from you. I trust in you and ask you to lead me to be a trustworthy steward of what you’ve given me. Master, look into my heart and place within me the grace of a true devotion to you.  St. Martin pray for us.  Amen.