October 19, 2023, Thursday of the 28th Week in Ordinary Time-A STS JOHN DE BREBEUF, ISAAC JOGUES, PRIESTS, AND COMPANIONS, MARTYRS.

Romans 3:21-30

Psalm 130

Luke 11:47-54

My soul waits for the Lord… Psalm 130:6

Lord, everyday there are times when we must wait for something to happen or somebody else to act. We wait for our airplane to take off or arrive, for our TV show to begin, to eat dinner.  Waiting can be very difficult and frustrating when we don’t know the schedule of what we are waiting for, like when our hurricane damaged home will be repaired. We wait on you as well.  When we ask you for favors or healing or a special need we not only don’t know when you will respond we don’t know how. Sometimes, in moments of weak faith we don’t know if you will respond. But some things, Lord, we don’t have to wait for. I don’t have to wait for your grace which comes to me through the sacraments. I don’t have to wait for your forgiveness which comes the moment I repent and ask for it. I don’t have to wait for the salvation you won for me on the cross. Lord, you are the most patient of all because you wait on me as well.  You wait on me to forgive the neighbor who hurt me, for me to give up my pride or to share my bread with someone in need. Please dear Jesus, bless me with the grace of patience today. Increase my faith in your wisdom to respond when and how that is best for me. In the meantime, while I wait, I will eagerly anticipate how and when you will answer my prayer today.  Amen