October 12, 2023, Thursday of the 27th Week in Ordinary Time-A

Malachi 3:13-20

Psalm 1

Luke 11:5-13

“For everyone who asks, receives…” Luke 11:10

Lord, your word today tells us to ask for our heart’s desire, to seek what is lost in our lives and to knock on the door of your Sacred Heart. You promise to respond to our prayers offered in faith. You want us to trust that you will answer our prayers. Believing you are ready to shower me with your blessings is a good starting point for my prayer. Lord, fill me up with a spirit of trust that you will give me what is best and withhold what is not. Make me OK with a substitute, surprising blessing you provide out of love. Give me the patience to wait on you to make me ready for your gift. Direct my heart not to seek after anything that would pull me away from you. I want to be in union with your dream, your desire, and your will for me in all things. I guess that’s how I should begin to pray-with a heart open to you and a mind in union with yours. O Lord, let me never be discouraged or doubtful of you. I am ready. How will you answer my prayer today?  Amen.