September 20, 2023, Wednesday of the 24th Sunday in Ordinary Time-A

1 Timothy 3:14-16

Psalm 111

Luke 7:31-35

I will give thanks to the Lord with all my heart…  Psalm 111:1

Lord, as we journey through life we make judgments, choices and experience a lot. We pick up prejudices and form habits. Growth and maturity can sometimes be checked by a closed mind or predetermined outcomes, or just plain stubbornness! What baggage am I dragging along that hinders me from knowing you, Lord?  How is my heart closed to your love, my eyes to your presence? You know I mean well and am doing my best to walk in your light. I can be somewhat hard-hearted about some things as you know. I can look the other way when given an opportunity to love, pull back in fear at a challenge, close my heart to your grace. I can’t help but feel I can be more open to your ways. Lord, help me to see you more clearly. Soften my heart and show me how to surrender to you in all ways. Please accept my gratitude for all you do for me whether I notice it or not. Your grace and presence lead me to offer you all the praise in my heart.  Amen.