September 17, 2023, Sunday of the 24th Week in Ordinary Time-A

Sirach 27:30-28:7                  

Psalm 103

Romans 14:7-9

Matthew 18:21-35

Wrath and anger are hateful things, yet the sinner hugs them tighter.  Sirach 27:30

“Should you not have had pity on your fellow servant as I had pity on you”? Mt. 18:33

Lord, what a joyful feeling I would have if one day I received a notice that all my debts had been erased: home mortgage, car loan and credit cards. I would for sure wonder, “what’s the catch?” This is too good to be true. Your unconditional, unlimited, undeserved forgiveness is the ultimate meaning of the cross. It seems too good to be true. Mercy flowed from the sacrifice of your life for me. Lord, today’s word reveals that there is a catch, however. Your love and mercy are free, but you expect that I forgive my brothers and sisters as you have forgiven me.  I walk a very dangerous path if I choose “wrath and anger” over forgiveness and mercy as the parable you spoke clearly states. You insist on me forgiving the debts of others because it is good for me and them. The outcome for the unforgiving servant certainly gets my attention. I beg you for the grace of an understanding and compassionate heart. Help me always to remember how much I have been forgiven by you so I can forgive my brothers and sisters from my heart.  Amen.