August 21, 2023, Monday of the 20th Week in Ordinary Time-A ST PIUS X, POPE

Judges 2:11-19

Psalm 106

Matthew 19:16-22

“Teacher, what must I do to gain eternal life?”  Mt 19:16

Lord, don’t we all want to know the answer to that question! This good, young man came to you and you looked into his heart. What you saw there was an obstacle that blocked him from living in the freedom of the abundant life you offered.  He went away sad, unwilling, at least for now, to let go of his obstacle, his wealth. Lord, dare I come to you and ask the same question?  You can see into the depths of my heart what I hide from others. You see whatever is holding me back from giving myself completely to you. Jesus, help me to see what you see. Help me to let go of what I want to hang on to. I am truly a work in progress and I’m grateful for your love and patience. Unlike the young man who went away sad thinking it was all up to him, I know I have your grace and the Holy Spirit to guide and strengthen me. Lord, begin today to remove from me whatever is separating me from an intimate union with you. I don’t want to walk away from you sad.  St. Pius pray for me.  Amen.