August 3, 2023, Thursday of the 17th Week in Ordinary Time-A

Exodus 40:16-21, 34-38

Psalm 84

Matthew 13:47-53

Moses did exactly as the Lord had commanded him.    Exodus 40:16

Lord, Moses was a man of action.  He took your direction as a plan to build an ark where you could dwell with your people. He didn’t appoint a study group or make a business plan. He jumped into action right away. In the time of Moses, and later the prophets, your presence among the people was in a tent and later a temple. Those were the places your children went to connect with you and worship you. When you came to be present in the womb of Mary and took on a human body you came even closer to us. Today there are so many ways that we can look for you and connect with you. Lord, in your great love and wisdom you have given us your word of truth. You are present whenever I let your word penetrate my heart. You’ve also given us the sacraments of your church which are the doors to your sacred presence among us. At my baptism your Spirit entered my being and transformed me into a new person.  After Holy Communion I am a holy tabernacle with you present within. Thank you, Lord, for being so close, so accessible, so much a part of my life.  Amen.