June 23, 2023, Friday of the 11th Week in Ordinary Time-A

2 Corinthians 11:18, 21-30

Psalm 34

Matthew 6:19-23

“…store up treasures in heaven…” Matthew 6:20

Lord, your word today urges us to put a high priority on heavenly things. What are these spiritual treasures you call us to? What do you desire for us to pursue? We all know that where we find our security on earth will pass away or be buried in a landfill someday. Lord, increase my trust in you and your care for me. I am so involved in what the world calls safety and security. But those things will one day let me down and be gone. Remove from my heart any obstacle to your grace. Open my heart to whatever wealth or treasure you desire for me.  Treasures like a more giving, generous, and forgiving spirit. Treasure like relying on you for what really counts. Treasure like anything that moves me closer to you. Lord, please fill me with your peace and tranquility. I surrender all I have to you and ask that I can seek first the kingdom of heaven and your values. For if that is my priority then everything else will take care of itself. Bless me to use everything for your honor and your glory and my treasure in heaven.  Amen.