July 26, 2022, Tuesday of the 17th Week in Ordinary Time-C ST. JOACHIM, ST. ANN, PARENTS OF THE BLESSED VIRGIN MARY

Jeremiah 14:17-22

Psalm 79

Matthew 13:36-43

Deliver us, pardon our sins… Psalm 79:9

Is it not you alone, O Lord our God to whom we look?  Jeremiah 14:22

Lord, we look to so many things and ways in our pursuit of happiness. We seek peace and fulfillment through our money, possessions, power, and status— whatever appears to provide us relief or security.  These are just band-aides over our wounds. They may give temporary relief or protection, but they don’t heal or save us. Lord, I repent of looking to other saviors. I’m sorry for ignoring your power to save and redeem. Deliver me from the weeds of pride and self-satisfaction. Sharpen my eyes to see the difference between the weeds and the wheat. Help me to re-order my priorities so they are in tune with your will for me. Let me see that only in you is my spirit restored. Only in you do I find refuge from the evil that surrounds me. Lord, today, let me not invite the darkness into my life but seek to live in the light of your truth. Separate me from the weeds of evil thoughts, hurtful words or harmful actions. You are the one remedy for what ails me and the world. Thank you for being present to me always and for answering my prayer.  Amen.