From the early history of the Catholic Church, the reverence given to the body of the beloved deceased reflects our   hope in resurrection. We believe that in death, life is not ended but merely changed and our prayers continue for those who walked with us on our pilgrimage on earth. (Bereavement Support Group)

The death and burial of Christians have always had a deeply religious and spiritual meaning. Inspired by the   description of the burial and resurrection of Jesus in the Gospels, the early Church buried its dead with the proper care, reverence and prayer. With faith in the Risen Savior, the Christian community honored the body of the dead and took part in the prayers and Mass offered for the deceased member.  The Mass, the memorial of Christ’s death and resurrection, is the principle celebration of the Christian funeral.

When a family member or friend becomes seriously ill, please notify the parish (321-636-6834) so that the sick person may receive the Sacrament of Anointing.

The time immediately following death is often one of shock and bewilderment for those who were close to the deceased. The prayers of the Church help those who mourn express their grief as well as find consolation through faith in Christ. In the fact of death, the Church confidently proclaims that God has created each person for eternal life, and that Christ, by his death and resurrection, has broken the chains of sin and death that bound humanity.

After death of a Christian, whose life was begun in the waters of Baptism and strengthened at the Eucharistic table, the Church celebrates the funeral rites. Through these rites the Church

  • Prays and intercedes on behalf of the deceased.
  • Offers worship and thanksgiving to God for the gift of a life which has now been returned to God.
  • Consoles the sorrowing with the Word of God and the Holy Eucharist.
  • Commends the dead to God’s merciful love.
  • Recognizes the spiritual bond that still exists between the living and the dead until that day when all faithful will be united and death will be no more.