October 1, 2021 Friday of the 26th Week in Ordinary Time-B ST. ST.THERESE OF THE CHILD JESUS, VIRGIN, DOCTOR OF THE CHURCH

Baruch 1:15-22

Psalm 79

Luke 10:13-16

…we have been disobedient to the Lord, our God…Ba. 1:19

Deliver us and pardon our sins… Ps. 79:9

Lord, like the Jews in exile, I have been disobedient before God. Your prophet Baruch records the remorse of the people who were separated from their beloved Jerusalem because of their sins. They realized the consequences of their unfaithfulness to you. They called to you for deliverance and pardon. You brought them home and saw to it their city was rebuilt. Lord, my mistakes and weaknesses separate me from you. I have insisted on having things my way. I have disregarded your word and looked toward the gods of this world for security. Like the disobedient Jews “I am flushed with shame.” But I have hope because you came to rescue me from my exile. You gave yourself up on the cross so I could come home to you and rebuild my life around you. I trust in your love and your promises of grace. Plant your word in my heart so I can turn to you when I am tempted to turn away. Lord, may I become more faithful to you each day. May I grow in obedience and humble acceptance of your discipline.  St. Therese, pray for us.  Amen.