July 21, 2021 Wednesday of the 16th Week in Ordinary Time-B

Exodus 16:1-5, 9-15

Psalm 78

Matthew 13:1-9

“…I will test them to see whether they follow my instructions or not.” Ex. 16:4

And he gave them heavenly bread.  Ps. 78:24

Lord, the people you set free from slavery in Egypt were on the verge of starvation and great thirst. You didn’t lead them just to let them die in the desert. The gifts of manna and quail were provided for them out of your goodness and generosity. But there may have been more than just food in this miracle. Were you testing their obedience and trust in you? You carefully told them to gather only what they needed for each day. By doing this they showed that they trusted in your continued blessing. Lord, tests can make or break us. Like the sower in the gospel you spread the seed of your word everywhere but it only germinates in rich soil. You wanted your people to grow in dependence on you and to develop habits of obedience and complete trust. You wanted them to be rich soil. Lord, I too depend on you for everything. I believe you have given me your word that can guide me to greater faith and trust in you. May I never take your goodness for granted. Continue to bless me and my family even when we grumble or disobey. Thank you, Jesus, for your many gifts.  Amen.