St. Mary School 2022-23 Tuition and Fees

The Tuition for St Mary Catholic School for Grades K-8 is based on a per child tuition rate of $8,200 for grades Kindergarten-8th Grade

All discounts including the parishioner discount, FACTS financial assistance, and multiple child discounts are subject to the financial ability of the parish/school and are applied at the discretion of the Pastor and the school administration.

Category I (Parish Participating Rate):

Active and registered Catholic families may receive a Parishioner discount of UP TO $1,100 per family. In order to qualify, the family must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be a baptized Catholic and a registered, active, and supporting member of the parish prior to registration, Parishioners are defined as members of St. Mary Church who attend Mass on weekends and Holy days, contributing and using their weekly envelopes during the calendar year.
  • Family status will be re-evaluated once per year in January for the upcoming school year.
    • Catholic Families who qualify for the Parishioner Discount must complete the Parish Verification Form and return it to the School Office in order to be considered for the discounted rate.
  • Non-St. Mary Catholic Families who are registered members of other Catholic parishes must submit the Parish Verification form to their parish office for verification and the pastor’s signature. The form must be returned to the St. Mary School office in order for the family to be considered for a discounted Catholic family rate.

Multiple-child Discounts may be applied for qualifying families in addition to the Parish Discount. Multi-child discounts are subject to the financial ability of the school and are applied at the discretion of the Pastor and the school administration. $1,000 per child up to four children

• Families receiving a scholarship from Step Up for Students in categories FES-OA (needs based) or FES-UA (formerly Gardiner and McKay) must bring award letter to the office.
• All families are required to register for FACTS Tuition management.
• To be considered for tuition discounts, each family must complete 20 hours of community service for the school. If a family does not complete 20 hours of service, all discounts may be rescinded and added to the amount due on FACTS.

Category II (Non-Catholic and Non-Participating Catholic Rate) Tuition is $8,200 plus fees

22-23 FEES: There is a registration fee of $225, a technology fee of $325 per family, and a book fee of $225 per child for grades K-8. For information about our 3 year old preschool and four year old VPK, please contact the school office.