Step Up for Students Scholarship and AAA FL Foundation Scholarship (NEW)
There are two Florida Tax Scholarships that provide full tuition for families who qualify: Step Up For Students Scholarship and AAA FL Foundation Scholarship (new). These two scholarships are needs-based scholarships and provide full tuition only coverage for families who qualify. Families that qualify for Step Up or AAA scholarships are responsible for paying all registration fees, textbook fees, and technology fees.

How to Apply for Step Up or AAA FL Scholarships:
Step Up for Students scholarship must be renewed each year. New families can register in February/March, and renewing families can register in October. You must apply online at  There is a registration fee to apply, but you will not be charged for the fee until you are accepted into the program. Once you have been approved for the scholarship, you will have 30 days to pay the fee, or your scholarship will be awarded to another family.

AAA FL Foundation Scholarships are also renewed each year. For paper or online applications, visit or call 1-888-707-2465 for more information.

School Based Financial Assistance – Apply through FACTS
ALL families who want to be considered for financial aid must apply through the FACTS Tuition Management program which will be available January 1.  Funding is limited, so it is important that you submit your application and all required documents by the April 15th deadline. Assistance is offered based on income and ability to pay. If you would like to apply for financial assistance for 2018-19 school year, please fill out the Grants application

McKay Scholarship Program
The John M. McKay Scholarship Program allows parents of students with disabilities to choose the best learning environment for their children. To be eligible, the student must meet the following requirements:
• Has attended a Florida public school in the previous year (this requirement is waived for students transferring into the state with a parent of the Armed Forces, who has moved due to change of station orders); and
• Has an Individual Education Plan (IEP) or 504 Plan, is currently enrolled in a private school, and has a current IEP with that school.
For more information please visit Families of McKay students are responsible for paying any fees not covered by the McKay Scholarship.