“I have waited, waited for the LORD, and he stooped toward me. The LORD heard my cry.” Lord, what am I that I should capture your heart and even deserve just one beat of your tender heart? Who am I that you should even care for me or trouble yourself for me or even let a flashing thought be wasted on me? How can one even merit the blessing of your undivided attention or earn in any way the privilege of being in your holy presence or even be rewarded with the grace to inhale the blessed fragrance of your love or be consumed by the unquenchable longing and desire of your heart? Why have you set your lovely gaze upon me? Why allow you beautiful eyesight filled with such goodness and light and your penetrating vision filled with such beauty and glory look upon one who has been so disfigured by sin, defiled by emotion, broken by pride and is merely ash and dust, ground and dirt, soil and gravel? How can the One who is most beautiful and perfectly timeless spend even a fleeting moment in time to look down from the highest Heaven towards one like me who is lest than a breath, smaller than a grain of dirt, most insignificant in every way? Your love is amazing Lord. How you look so far beyond our sin and gaze into the eyes and the heart of the poor, sinful sinner. Your love is so beyond our comprehension. Your love is way beyond our imagination and so far surpassing anything we can hope for or dream of. Your love is so beyond words and description and explanation yet it is so full of expression and so easily expressed and shared and communicated. Your love creates from nothingness and fills everything. No one but you can create from before the beginning. Your love causes things to grow, flowers to blossom, seeds to multiply, trees to bear good and everlasting fruit. Sweet fruit that is most pleasing to the heart and a healing balm to the soul. Your love is so beyond compare, it restores what was ruined, heals what is wounded, makes the impossible possible, transcends all things. Your love gives life, protects life, respects life, died to give everlasting life. Your love cares for the poor, the little, the vulnerable, the lonely, the unloved, the stranger. Your love moves mountains, moves hearts, can move our enemies. Your love can resolve all conflict, eliminate all division, eradicate hatred, fill any void. How you love us Lord is so amazing Lord. Your love is individual, particular, intimate and just for us yet it is for everyone to enjoy. Thank you Lord for loving me so much.