The Lord remained standing before Abraham. Then Abraham drew nearer and said: “Will you sweep away the innocent with the guilty?” Abraham’s disposition and posture towards God is always one of lowliness; a faithful son and a humble servant. Our Father in Faith lovingly follows our Heavenly Father with abandonment and unwavering trust. He stands behind the God who created him, called him, befriended him and loves him so intimately and in a particular way. In confidence and in trust and with a deep reverence and love for God, Abraham draws near to God in prayer, in conversation, in colloquy not for himself but to intercede for the other as love is always for the other. Love is not withheld but in loving sacrifice given for the other.  In the Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius, a colloquy is a loving, intimate, heartfelt conversation between you and God our Father, between you and Christ our Brother, between you and the Holy Spirit our Faithful Friend, between you and Mary our Mother or you and anyone of the Saints. It usually comes at the conclusion of a holy hour but can happen anytime in prayer, especially when the Holy Spirit inspires it. During prayer, you may find God drew you to a particular memory or word or phrase that requires a certain wisdom, understanding, grace or peace. The colloquy is a great way to seek the advise, intercession and help we need from God or a particular Saint to help us to advance in our loving posture for God and to give us a genuinely submissive spiritual disposition to his will. “Heavenly Father, I love you. Thank you for focusing your tender eyes of mercy into my heart and for penetrating me with your loving gaze. Teach me to see as you do, not the appearance but the heart of your beloved children.  Sweet Jesus, Holy Redeemer, lover of my soul, I love you. Thank you for your amazing gift of prayer, for your loving concern of me, for loving me with such intensity and particular intimacy reserved only for me. Teach me to love like you, unconditionally. Holy Spirit, I love you. Thank you for the heat and fire of your love. Please cover me with the breath of your love and breathe new life into me. Teach me to remain open to you. Mother Mary, I love you. Thank you for saying yes to God and all humanity. Thank you for saying yes to me. Please teach me to graciously receive all of God’s gracious gifts and to use them graciously to give glory and praise to his Holy Name. Angels and Saints, I love you. Please pray for us.