The heavens were opened and the voice of the Father thundered:  “This is my beloved Son, listen to him.” O Sacred Heart of Jesus, how I long to just simply rest in you. To enter into your sacredness and simply rest in you – to be still – to be quiet – to be me – to simply be with you my loving Savior. How I long and desire to hide in your sacred wounds and unite myself to your sacred love.  To be in your love, to be loved by you, to simply just be me in your sacred silence, in your sacred peace, in your sacredness, to simply just be with you my loving Savior.  O Sacred Heart of Jesus, burning with such love for me, please hide me in your sacred love; let me just rest in thee.  Sweet beloved disciple of Jesus, the Lord’s beloved,  I think of you leaning over into the heart of our Savior. I contemplate you   placing your head on the heart of our Lord.  Such incredible peace, such an incredible gift.  What might the Lord’s heart have said to you?  What might he have spoken to your heart?  What sweetness did your ears hear as the rhythm of your heart was united to the heart, the Sacred Heart of Jesus? Did you hear him call out, “you are my beloved”?  Did you hear the Lord say, how much he loves you?  I contemplate what this moment must have been for you.  I contemplate being you as I lean over and place my head on the heart of Christ – what a loving gift.  I could hear the Lord saying to me, “do not worry about a single thing, just simply rest, rest peacefully in your Lord.  For you are loved, simply allow yourself to be loved. Listen to my heart for no words are necessary. You are dear to me, I love you very much. One day you will really understand the depth of my love for you. I have sent the Holy Spirit to inflame your heart with my love and I have consecrated your heart to my heart so that our hearts will be united always and our love will never be separated. You are my beloved and I love you very much. I will be with you always. You can count on that. You can trust in me.”  May the love of Christ remain forever in our hearts.