“They saw the child with Mary his mother. They prostrated themselves and did him homage.” Have you ever stopped and really thought about what a precious gift adoration really is?  It is a most profound gift for we are in the presence of God our Savior.  Adoration requires us to understand who God is, who we are and the difference.  God is Creator and we are not. We are his creation; we are his beloved creatures; we are in need of his salvation.  Adoration requires that we surrender it all to Jesus who has so lovingly surrendered it all for us. In adoration, we must surrender our thoughts, our feelings, our anxieties, our joys, our frustrations, our anger, our confusion, our hopes, our dreams, our plans. We simply surrender it all to Jesus – he invites us through humble prayer and sweet adoration to deny ourselves and abandon ourselves to God’s holy presence. While adoring Jesus, we simply allow ourselves to be loved by God.  As we set our gaze upon our Savior in the Most Blessed Eucharist, we can be assured that he has already set his gaze upon our hearts – he desires to bring us ever more deeply into sacred silence. He wants to bring us his peace.  He wants to lift up our burdens.  He wants to fill us with all we need.  We must quiet our interior and be ready to receive because our minds are like race cars, fast-paced – always moving – never stopping. We race through the thoughts of yesterday, the things of so many years past.  We think of the things we should have said and the way we would have done things. What if I would have responded differently?  We think of the things we need to do later or the things we wish to avoid, things that we don’t want to say or do. We clutter our mind with conversations that have not happened and may never happen and conversations we don’t want to have. We spend so much time thinking about tomorrow.  What will I buy?  What will I do differently?  What am I looking forward to? Everything will be better tomorrow.  What can be better than being in the presence of God today, being in his presence right now? God knows our needs; he knows everything about us. What do we really need if we have God?  Come adore him.  Place yourself in his presence. Give him the gift of your undivided attention then let God be God.  Let him simply love you.